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Found Scenes

What follows must be just as old as all the previous posts. It was written on a sheet of paper that had been ruined by the printer. I suspect these are just random scenes that came to my head, though that "I was being sarcastic" line sure rings a bell *struggles*...

"I expected you to be upset about at least this one, Draco," Lucius said, showing his concern for his son's strength of will or lack thereof.

"I was being sarcastic."

"It didn't seem like you were being sarcastic."

"Too much practice at Occlumency, I guess."

"Ah, yes. An accomplished Occlumens, that's my son." Lucius himself was a good Occlumens, and an even better Legilimens...


"You don't even call her by her name, son."

"Alright. Pansy. But it's such a stupid name!"

"You could call her by a nickname."

"Oh, yeah. Pans. A real lot better."

Lucius gave that one up. Instead, he changed his argument to "having such a docile wife must be a bore."
"Nott says he can't stand how docile his wife is, but that at least she's an intellectual challenge for him."

"Then why is he still with her?"

"Have you seen that woman?" Lucius asked with what looked suspiciously like a smile on his face. "Sure, she is not your mother, but she's still very attractive."

Since Nott's wife was much more beautiful than Narcissa, most people would have found Lucius's comment to be the most adorable and loving thing that could ever come from his mouth - yet it flew right over Draco's head.

"Whatever," he said, "if she's docile, she'll do anything - and most importantly, I'll do anything - that I want."

Lucius let out a sigh. "Do whatever you want, son."

The next few days passed uneventfully until, the day before Draco was going to propose to her at a party specifically organized for that purpose (for he was sure she would say "yes"), Pansy Parkinson died.

"What the hell?" was Draco's reaction. "But who will I marry now?"

When he considered it proper, Lucius called Draco to his office. It was the afternoon of the day of Parkinson's funeral.

"What's with the sudden shortage of pureblood females? When I was of age to marry, there were plenty to choose from."

"at least she'll be willing to have many children, Draco, which is something we - the wizarding community - need." So now he had the survival of Pureblood lines on his shoulders, thought Draco.



"I heard about Pansy Parkinson, by the way. You killed her, didn't you?" stated Ginny matter-of-factly.


"Oh, but you must have. Can't really blame you, she must have been so annoying," she added sympathetically.

"I didn't kill her," Draco insisted, annoyed. Why did everyone assume this?

"You can't tell me you liked her," a disbelieving Ginny said.

"Yes." Ginny looked at him like he was crazy. "Well, not like that," Draco clarified, "but she was alright. She would've made a good wife."

"Oh kay... so you've got whom to marry yet?"

After a moment's silence, Draco answered in a casual tone, "yeah."


"Can't pronounce the name, or even spell it. She's French, you see."

"Oh," Ginny said, a "poor you" heavily implied by her expression. "Well, at least she'll have a good sense of style, I expect!" Which was something Ginny didn't have, as she had a tendency to be extravagant and over-the-top, despite not having that much money.

Oooh, so what goes next? I'll never know.
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Aboard the SS Fire & Ice

or, Why Draco/Ginny Is the Way To Go

First off, kudos to whoever named Draco-and-Ginny's ship "SS Fire & Ice". It sounds cool and it fits the pair perfectly; nothing like, say, "HMS Pumpkin Pie" or "Orange Crush".

Before I go on about how Draco and Ginny together would make a perfectly interesting match, I'll try to explain why one would want to pair either of these two with anyone in the first place. No... "pair" isn't the right term here; it's "ship", which is when one passionately supports a pairing. So, why should you ship Draco or Ginny?

Shipping Draco Malfoy
Considering books 1 to 5, an ordinary person wouldn't understand why someone would want to ship Draco, a character whose sole purpose seems to be to be an annoying, spoiled brat with a 2D personality, which means he wouldn't be interesting to read or write. But that has never mattered to the fans - oh, not at all: We are more than willing to add dimensions to a character's personality. In Draco's case, this has meant that he has been characterized as everything, from a rebel musician with an odd fixation for leather pants, to the resident Hogwarts sex god who has a sensitive side that really just wants to find true wub and another person who's read Hogwarts, A History.

And all this because Draco is Harry's schoolrival.

Because that's it, really; Draco's gotten all this attention because he's important, but not that important. We've seen a lot of him, but not all of him. Enough attention has been placed on him in the books that would make a fan interested on him, even before book 6.

In book 6, Draco stopped being a 2D character to become a complex one, one you'd really want to to explore. Poor kid has just been through a lot. Poor kid has just realised what he's gotten into, and he doesn't know what to do... Poor kid just needs a little bit of love.

Shipping Ginny Weasley
We've always known Ginny was a talkative one, but we only had Ron's word for it; throughout books 1 to 4, Ginny hardly said a word. So we all thought that well, she was shy, but once you got to know her, she would talk to you nonstop. That, coupled with her tragic incident with Tom Riddle, was all we knew about her, giving fanfiction writers a lot of blanks to fill at their pleasure - getting her off-character wasn't such a big problem.

Then came book 6, and with it the fact that Ginny is a popular girl who has more experience in romance than any of the Trio and is really excellent at the Bat-Bogey Hex [sidenote: what is up with that?]. She also seems to hate not having the same privileges as adults (getting angry when she has to leave the dining room when Sirius is about to talk about Order stuff in OotP; going on about how she didn't need Ron's approval to be with Harry).

Of course, the problem with Ginny is, she's pretty much taken. By the protagonist, no less. But that's the thing about fanon, isn't it? That you can do whatever you want with the characters. So if you feel that Ginny paired up with person other than Harry would be a lot more interesting and fun, you go ahead and do that. And there's your reason to ship Ginny - [if] you're not satisfied with how Harry/Ginny went in the books.

Opposites Attract
What would initially draw one to Draco/Ginny is the good ol' standard: opposites attract. In the HPverse, you can't get two characters more different to each other than these two. They're opposite in practically every level, including even their looks:

Ginny: red hair; chocolate-brown eyes; small for her age

Draco: white-blond hair; "cold" pale-gray eyes; tall; pale skin

Doesn't that make a lovely contrast?

Then there's their background:

Ginny: pure-blood; Gryffindor, from a family whose members typically end up in that house; in the Good Side; poor; from a large family

Draco: pure-blood; Slytherin, from a family whose members typically end up in that house; in the Dark Side; rich; an only child

I'd add the Malfoy-Weasley family feud too, but we don't know the nature of that feud, or even if it exists at all. It could be that it was started some generations back, that it was started by Draco's and Ginny's respective fathers, or that it is just a typical case of blood-traitors versus blood-purists.

Feud or no feud, Draco and Ginny still come from completely different backgrounds, which adds a nice "against all odds" touch to a possible romance between them. They are, however, both pure-bloods, meaning that, yes, Draco would stop to look twice at her; and they're both British, so no culture clash there.

The Glitch
Let's take a look at their personalities,

Ginny: tempered, though she can control herself; strong-willed, with a love for independence; a good liar; athletic; extraverted; talkative; a skilled witch

Draco: typically level-headed - he's lost his cool, but these occasions are rare, and he doesn't act on his emotions; determined, but not quite keen on making his own decisions1; an Occlumens; athletic; extraverted; talkative; appears to do well in school

That's right. Draco and Ginny have - gasp - similarities, and so, the "opposites attract" principle doesn't fully apply to them.

And it doesn't stop with their personality traits, either. Both were nice, innocent kids once (well, excluding the 'nice' in Draco's case), but went through traumatic experiences that changed them. Both were used by Lord Voldemort. Both have had near-death experiences.

Does this make pairing less attractive? No; on the contrary, it makes it more interesting. These two are different enough that they compliment each other (especially with Ginny's sense of independence and Draco's lack of it), but similar enough that they can relate to each other.

A Blank Slate
Upon examination of the pair's history with each other, one will find that it practically doesn't exist. Here's what's happened between these two:

  • Ginny stood up against Draco to defend Harry.
  • Draco accused Ginny of being Harry's girlfriend.
  • Draco shoves Harry's dislike of her valentine to Ginny's face.
  • Draco may have taken Ginny's wand from her in Umbridge's office.
  • "It's because of [Ginny] that Malfoy's stuck back in Umbridge's office with giant flying bogeys attacking him".
  • Draco blinds Ginny, Ron, and Neville using Peruvian Darkness Powder. other words, nothing much.

What they say about each other doesn't reveal much, either. Heck, we have a better idea of the relationship between Draco's father and Ginny than the one between her and Draco!

What does this mean, in terms of shipping them together? First, that we can make up a history between them without contradicting canon; and second, that, for them to get together, they wouldn't have to put aside many "past differences" at all - they wouldn't have to go back too much to start from point one.

In Short, people: Draco and Ginny are opposite enough to make a relationship between them interesting, and similar enough that it would work wonderfully; and not enough has happened between them that they would be "turned off" against each other.

And in even shorter: Draco/Ginny is the ultimate ship ♥

1. read the first part of the "Dragon of Bad Faith" essay by puritybrown, if you haven't already. Now.
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Draco Goes Off-Character

As Draco Malfoy walked 'round an empty corridor, he saw something that touched his soft little, gentle heart:

A girl was sitting in the floor, leaning against the wall, arms draped around her legs, crying her eyes dry.

He noticed she had a Hufflepuff badge pinned to her robes and held a Pikachu plushie in her hands. These two things gave him a clue to what had happened; yet he felt he had to ask, as he put his arms around the girl...

"Why would such a pretty girlie as you cry here, all alone?"

All she did was wipe her tears away. "Here, take this," Draco said, giving her a handkerchief. "What happen'd?"

She blew her nose. "A girl... two boys... they - they called me... called me, 'Pokémon-loving Mudblood'!"


"Yes, they did..."

"'Sup with that? 'Mudblood' is a pretty darn strong word. People can't just go 'round calling other people 'Mudblood'," Draco said scornfully.

The girl nodded in agreement. Malfoy glared at the wall opposite, saying:

"And what's wrong with liking Pokémon? Pokémon's awesome. Pokémon owns. Pokémon is one of my favourite things by the non-magical people, right after that Pam Anderson. Not that," he added, "she is a 'thing'. She is also a human being, with feelings and all that stuff. But a smart chick like you gets what I mean."


He looked at her. "Was that all they did to you?"

She shook her head. The ninety-percent of Draco that was a sensitive boy prevented him from asking what they had done. Instead, he asked:

"Who were these peeps who abused of you? I'll beat the crap out of whoever they are with my bare hands; see if I don't."

"Well... the girl was a prefect... Parkinson, I think."

He liked that. If there was anyone he hated, it was that mean, clingy girl, Pansy Parkinson. This would-

"But don't do anything rash!" pleaded the girl, cutting off his thoughts. "Parkinson is a girl, and girls are made of porcelain. Besides," she continued, seeing that Draco was listening intently, "violence is never the answer."

He stared at her. "You're right, of course... violence is not the answer," he said slowly, and, just as slowly, he stood up, offering his hands to her. "I won't do anything rash. Now, c'mon, I'll escort you to Hufflepuff..."

And off they went, talking happily about Pokémon along the way.


I was looking for something in a notebook of mine when I found this. I had completely forgotten about it. No clue what I was thinking when I wrote this...
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Unnecessary Details

November 14, 1996
I was walking towards the Hogwarts gate, feeling very moody, since I had wasted half the day on Quidditch practice, instead of going to Hogsmeade like a normal non - Gryffindor - Quidditch - Team - member, y'know... when something fell over me, knocking me over. Well, not exactly. More like someone ran into me. And knocked me over. And was over me for at least two seconds.

My first thought was: Ohhh, nice smell. Rubeus Cologne, I bet...
My second, far more reasonal: Wait... Malfoy! Draco! Slytherin! Ack!
Third: Hmmmm...
And before I could think anything more (two seconds, remember?), Malfoy got to a kneeling position, and glared at me.

He has grey eyes. I hadn't noticed before. I imagine it was because I've never been too near him... I've always thought his eyes were blue. Ruddy common eye colour.

Grey's uncommon, though... and it's nice.


So he glares at me and says, "Truly - you do know that when someone is in a hurry, you should move out of the way and let them pass, don't you? What, Weasley, hasn't anyone taught you manners?" or something as stupidly infuriating as that. Then he stands up and runs off.

So I was in the way? I was the one without manners...?! Excuse me, but who was running around carelessly?!? It wasn't me!


Anyway, never mind, 'cause it doesn't really matter - not an important event, just... unpleasant. And annoying. So all those details were completely unnecessary.

I'll just move on to something more important. Like what I did at Hogsmeade. I bought some sweets. Then headed back to Hogwarts, ate, and now I'm here writing on you.

Now that was something important.

This I came up with while thinking about D/G clichés and how much they annoyed me. I thought: "I would never have something like this happen in my fic [Mac]..." and imagined the drabble above. I thought it wasn't too bad, so I wrote it. Originally posted ages (almost 11 months) ago in amor_quies.
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(Nobody Wants An) Out-Of-Order Wife

The oldest of the Malfoys, who lived somewhere in Great Britain, was a man with a rather cynical sense of humor. For instance, he married off his son to a woman named "Narcissa" because, Malfoy Sr. insisted, Lucius (for that was the name of the son) was a very narcissistic person. To be married to "Narcissa" would be more than fitting.

It was this cynism, perhaps, that moved him to add a clause to his will that set this as a condition on Lucius's family's inheritance: Lucius's only son, Draco, had to marry a Weasley, and for this he had a year; if the year passed and Draco hadn't managed to marry the Weasley, the Malfoys' fortune would be given away to one of the many Pro-Muggle projects that were in the making at the time.

By the time the attorney left Malfoy Manor, Lucius could barely stop himself from blasting the entire right wing of Malfoy Manor away. Indeed, his wife had to take away his wand and hide it. After he calmed down a little, "little" being the operating word here, he told his wife and son everything about the will, his tale not lacking a few insults directed to his old man. Narcissa and Draco couldn't believe it - such was their disbelief, they had to see the document with their own eyes to make sure Lucius wasn't playing with them (not that him joking about something like this would be likely). Narcissa was both surprised and horrified at Malfoy Sr.'s will, and her son was in the same state plus concerned, for he knew no Weasley would consent to marrying him.

"Ah, it doesn't matter," Lucius assured his son, "we'll curse the girl if needed, even if the curse will have a permanent effect on her." This concerned Draco even more, for if he wouldn't like having a Weasley for a wife, he would certainly hate having an affected by a curse Weasley for one. His mother supported him on this one, adding that what type of heir could someone affected by a curse produce? Eventually Lucius burst out: "Alright, you have six months to get engaged to this girl. If you haven't done it by then, I'll kidnap the girl and put her under Imperius for as long as it takes. I don't care if you have to suffer a forgetful wife for the rest of your life. Weasleys are horrid already anyway; you can't make them much worse." And with this, Draco set out to strategise. Or he would have, had he known where to start. He asked for advice, and his mother told him these wise words:

"Girls believe the man who truly loves them will do anything for them."

When the second semester of school started, Draco tried to get Ginny (for that was the name of the only Weasley female his age) somewhere alone with him, and, believe it or not, he managed it in under two days. He started to insult Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and the entire Weasley family in front of her (he was with Crabbe and Goyle, which was a lot like being alone). He watched as her expression slowly transformed into an angry one, then dismissed Crabbe and Goyle and asked her in a very nervous and worried voice if Ginny wanted him to stop insulting Harry, Hermione, and her family. She said he ought to get off their backs or else, although, in second thought, he could go on with Harry and Ron, for seeing them getting worked up was always funny, and maybe they would curse him (Draco) really badly one day, which would also be very funny. He agreed to do what she told him to do and joined Crabbe and Goyle at the Slytherin Common Room, where he gave them instructions to stop bothering Hermione and other Gryffindors. And from that day on, Draco didn't insult the Weasley family (except for the Ron part of it) and treated Hermione civilly.

As Valentine's Day approached, Draco wasn't nervous about not knowing what to do at all, for girls love flowers and chocolates and perhaps a sappy Valentine card and he knew that. Everybody did (know that). So he somehow trapped Ginny alone, gave her a chocolate box and a bouquet of roses with a sappy Valentine card inside it, and tried to look confused by his own acts. Ginny thanked him for the gifts and for doing what she had told him to do more than a month ago. Draco said "Anything for you" and made his facial expression turn into a confused one immediately after. This whole confused thing was part of his plan, as he figured a Malfoy had to be very confused to fall in love with a Weasley, which was what he was pretending to do. After the scene that was told two sentences ago, he left Ginny while mumbling "I have stuff to do."

During the following months, Draco did various things that made him look desperately in love with the youngest Weasley (Ginny). These things were as simple as obeying Ginny each time she told him to "Bug off" or as complex as having Goyle (or was it Crabbe?) successfully perform a hex that sent Ginny to the hospital wing for three days, seventy percent of which Draco spent at her bedside (fifty percent of the time he wasn't with her, he was running some errand for her). He also sent a rose to her every week (which eventually became every day), bought her stuff on their Hogsmeade visits, gave her a brand-new broom, told her some tips for surviving Potions class with Snape, gave her his (or rather, Parkinson's) History of Magic notes, sent her "I miss you" cards accompanied by sweets every day on Spring Break, and observed other small and not-so-small details. He even somehow managed to land himself and Ginny in the same detention, during which he did half of Ginny's job, much to her pleasure.

Right at the end of May, Draco gave the Weasley girl a serenade, complete with him singing and everything, on a rather deserted part of Hogsmeade. When the serenade ended, Ginny told Draco, not looking at his eyes but at his dyed-black hair (she had told him to dye it black the week before as a joke): "Why are you doing all these things for me? What is wrong with you, Malfoy?"

An "I thought you'd never ask!" expression flashed across Draco's face before he dismissed the musicians. When he did, he told Ginny that he "really liked" her (he couldn't bring himslef to saying he loved her). Ginny, in turn, told him that couldn't be possible, unless he had been hit on the head during Christmas Break. After some minutes debating, Draco told her about his grandfather's will but didn't tell her about his father's wish for cursing her, something he would later regret. Ginny got a rather angry look on her face and said: "Well, you could've told me earlier - would have saved you a lot of trouble. It isn't happening, it was never going to, and now much less since I know your intentions. I enjoyed your services, Malfoy, but I'll do just fine without them from now on, thanks." And she left, but not before Draco had a chance to shout to her back:

"Think about it, Weasley!"

If she ever thought about it, Draco couldn't tell, because the only occassion she spoke to him was to tell him to bleach his hair because he looked like a vampire with his dyed-black hair. Draco kept being civil toward Hermione and refraining to talk about the Weasley family, but this was out of habit more than anything else - all other courtesies he dropped.

And so the end of school came and went, without Draco being able to get engaged to Ginny. The six months expired soon after and Lucius did what he said he would: kidnap the Weasley girl and put her under the Imperius curse. He also put her in an enchanted room in the Manor, just in case. Sure enough, Ginny managed to free herself from the curse from time to time; the third of these times occured five days after she was kidnapped. This time, Draco got a chance to see her in her lucid state and convinced her to agree to marry him voluntarily, because he really didn't want to have an out-of-order wife. Before voluntarily signing the "I wasn't kidnapped, I only ran away, don't worry" letter she had written under the spell but had been strong enough to refuse to actually sign it, she asked him if she could divorce him later. Draco thought for a moment, then told her that she could, but only after twenty years or twelve children, whichever happened second. This saddened Ginny, and for a moment she hesitated about signing the letter, but Draco's begs touched her heart, and she signed it. When Lucius came back to the Manor and saw Ginny in her lucid state, he quickly put her under Imperius; yet when his son showed him the letter and explained what had happened, Lucius freed Ginny.

Three months later they married (not without opposition from the Weasley camp), yet they didn't consummate their marriage until later, for being pregnant while in school wasn't very wise (also, they didn't like each other much at that time). Then they had eight children, breaking the one-child-only tradition of the Malfoys (the point was to avoid the revelry of second children), learned to love each other, and lived happily (together) ever after.

The End

Normally, I try to have my fics be as true to canon as I can get them, and have them be at least somewhat polished, as far as the writing style is concerned. Not with this one. I wanted this to be a bit like the early literary folktales, which weren't all that spectacularly written. At least not the ones I like the most.
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"How 'bout this... and that... and, look - Hermione!"

Hermione put down the toy she was examining and walked over to Ron.

"What is it...?" She looked down at the basket Ron was carrying. "For Goodness' sake, Ron! You shouldn't eat so many sweets!" said Hermione with a gasp.

"Aw, c'mon, why not? Look," Ron raised his hand, which held what looked like a quill, "they've got Sugar Quills. I heard they're really excellent; you can suck them in class and the teachers will just - hey!" he pouted. "What are you doing? Picking those sweets took me a whole six minutes... Hermione..."

"I'm sorry, but this is just too much..." And she firmly placed five Chocolate Frogs with their fellows.

"Too much? Too..."

"Yes. Too much," Hermione scolded. "You really shouldn't be eating these many sweets - you'll get cavities."


"Cavities, a pitted area in the tooth caused by caries."

"Eh... must be a Muggle thing, I've never heard of it," Ron said, grabbing two Chocolate Frogs. Hermione took hold of his wrist.

"It's not just a Muggle thing. It happens to everyone: Muggles, Muggle-born people, Half-bloods, and pure-blooded people alike..."

"Well, it hasn't happened to me."

"Really, now?" Hermione finally released Ron's wrist. "Put the basket down." He obeyed. "Now, say 'ahhhhh'..."

"What for?"


"What are you going to do?"

"I'll check if you have cavities. Say 'ahhhh'."

Ron gave her an odd look, yet still he said, "Ahhhhhhh..."

"Wider..." Hermione ordered, opening her own mouth wide.

"Er, ahhhhhhhhhh..."

Hermione placed her left hand in his jaw and with her right she directed her wand's beam of light on the insides of Ron's mouth. After a few seconds, she put away her hand from Ron's jaw and declared, "Well, all right... I wasn't able to see any cavities. But," she added when she saw the huge grin that was in Ron's face, "that doesn't mean you can just fill the basket with all the sweets you want. No..."

Ron felt compelled to complain. "But Hermione... what about Harry...? We should get him some sweets, shouldn't we? I mean, the poor fellow..."

"Of course," agreed Hermione.

"So, see, that's why I have to fill this basket with sweets... Right?" Hermione stared at him. Then she said, with a sigh:

"All right. Go ahead... But I'll get to pick too."

Ron grinned. "Sure."

And they went on having the time of their lives...

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Good Kids


"Oh, let's do that again!"

"No way... The ground's muddy..." Draco said. He looked worried.

"Oh, c'mon that..." Ginny bit her tongue as she searched for the right word. She shook her head. "Who cares?! Let's go..."

"Father cares, he does, he won't take me to the sweets place if I get mud in my robes..."

"Well, my father gives me sweets whenever he can."

"And my father always gives me sweets; I only have to be good."

Ginny sat down in the grass. "I'm always good."

"Me too." Draco looked down upon Ginny. He kind of liked looking down upon her.

"Well... you're always good... so won't he give you sweets?" she asked. It made sense to her.

"But good kids don't get mud on their robes. Good kids always look clean."


"That's what father says. Father is always right."

Ginny, alarmed, stood up. She tried to clean her robes with her hands with no success. She said, "Well, I'm not a good girl then."

The expression on her face was sad. Draco didn't like it. "Yes you are... maybe... your parents will think you are."

"Yeah," Ginny, cheered up, said. "Look," - she pointed towards a tree a few yards away - "there's nobody in the swings, let's go there."

Draco nodded and immediately began to run. "Last one is a mudblood!" Ginny didn't know what a "mudblood" was, but she didn't like the sound of it, so she began to run behind Draco. Still, Draco had an unfair advantage from the start; he reached the swings before Ginny did. They were both out of breath.

When they climbed into the swings, Ginny asked Draco: "What's a mudblood?"

"You mean, you don't know?"

"No. I never heard that word before."

He looked at her in bewilderment. "No? Never?"

Ginny shook her head.

A few moments passed. They were swinging very high when Ginny asked, in a necessary yell, "But, what is a mudblood?"

"If you don't know..." Draco paused, because they were at two different extremes now. "I won't tell you!"


"Because it's obvious...! Everyone knows... what mudbloods are!"

They sulked for a while, until Draco shouted: "Hey, what's your... name, anyway?!"


"What! Slow down!"

Ginny slowed down, and so did Draco.

"What's your name?"

"I said, my name is Ginny." One could tell she was still a bit angry. "Well, it's not, but my name is hard to say, so Mum and Dad said to everyone to call me 'Ginny'."

"That's weird. Everyone calls me my name."

"And what is it? Your name."

"Draco. Draco Malfoy." Draco said proudly.

Ginny didn't seem very impressed, however. On the contrary...

"What? What happened?" Draco looked desperately around.

"No- nothing, justt-" Ginny tried not to laugh; her mother had taught her that it was rude. "Just that, your name is kind of funny."

"No it's not.

"Is too."

"It isn't."

"Is too."

"At least it isn't stupid like 'Ginny' or hard to say like your real name."

"'Ginny' is not stupid! And my name is really pretty, just hard to say; who cares?"

"I do; and the rest of the world too." Draco's swing came to a complete halt.

"Well, your name is stupidier than 'Ginny' and than my name and than any name I heard."

"You're such an idiot." Draco frowned. "I hate you."

"Well...! Well..."

"Look, father's coming."

"...I hate you too!"

"No you don't..." Draco muttered distractedly. He was too busy noticing the anger on his father's face.

Ginny heard him clearly. "Yes, yes, I do! You're so stupid, I hate you, I hate you!" She had gotten off her swing and was stomping her feet on the ground.

"I have to go to father," said Draco in a haste. "Look - I don't... I don't hate you, not really. And I haven't done anything to you, so you can't hate me. Father says we should try to like fellow wizards." Draco's father was almost there.

"Yeah, well, you chea-"

"Whatever, 'bye." And he ran off, leaving a very angry Ginny behind him.

"Who was that girl you were with?" asked his father cooly when Draco reached him.

"Her name was Ginny, except not really, but her real name is hard to say."

"Listen, son...," Draco's father said, "that girl - Ginny - she's a Weasley. You can tell from miles away - the Weasleys all have red hair, freckles, and are more in number than their parents could ever afford." Draco listened intently. "You shouldn't mingle with them - they're mudblood-loving blood-traitors."

"Yeah, I know..." - Draco looked back at where Ginny was - "I didn't like that girl from the start."

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Best Friends

She should have known.

Hermione hugged her legs. She should've paid attention to all those little and not-so-little details. She should've listened to what people kept telling her. She should've taken the blatant jealousy at face value.

But, no. She turned a blind eye, a deaf ear, and a stubborn mind to everything. She reasoned that he couldn't like her because she didn't like him.

Now she felt so tactless, so rude, so stupid.


"Don't. Don't call me 'Ron', Granger."

She bit her lip. Her body now felt cold, and a lump started to form in her throat.

"I... only if you call me 'Hermione'. Then I'll call you whatever you want."

He laughed. A rather bitter sound.

Hermione's head turned down. Then up again. She looked hopeful... maybe he hadn't taken it so badly after all... perhaps she could still get to keep her friend...

Several minutes passed. She was getting nervous. More nervous... She'd crack any minute now...

"Never mind. Call me whatever you feel like calling me..." Hermione smiled at him. He looked away. "I mean... Harry would find it odd if you suddenly stop calling me Ron... and, and the rest of the school too, I imagine. So... you call me whatever you want - I'll call you whatever you want too... friend... classmate... acquaintance... fellow Gryffindor... hey you..."

Hermione was beaming in more ways than one. She stood up and hugged him, as if he had just given her the best gift she could've ever received.

"Thank you... thanks so much, best friend, thank you."

I posted this on Portkey on August 6, 2004. It's that told.
I, of course, am a R/Hr-er, but for some reason I wanted to get a hand at H/Hr. The drabble, as you can see, turned out pretty generic, in the sense that it could work for any Hermione 'ship - even R/Hr.
Even if I despise the last line, I like this - it's as emotive as I get.
matches with my layout :D

The Flobberworm's Corpse

Draco Malfoy's boots must had been filthy by then. And they were brand new, too.

He hated this whole going - to - Hagrid's - hut - to - take - notes - about - the - Blast-Ended Skrewts assignment. He knew it was a bad idea from the start.

Damn that big oaf...

He would quit Care of Magical Creatures when the chance presented itself, decided Draco - that or try to get Hagrid fired again.

At the thought, a smirk crawled into Draco's face as he walked on the damp ground...

But the smirk quickly faded when he heard a squash.

Heard and felt.

Draco lifted his right boot and looked at its sole. A worm. He had squashed a worm. And it was nasty.

But before he could get properly irked,

"Hey Malfoyyyy!" came from about three meters from where he stood. "Malfoy, Hagrid said you don't have to go, 'cause one of the horses got sick, and-"

Draco put his right foot back on the ground and looked up. The person who was speaking was a girl and, judging from her looks, a Weasley.

"And what, Weasley?" He groped for something witty to say, but his mind went blank.

The Weasley girl just stared at the floor.

What was her name again? Jennie, or something.

"What, Weasley? Oh - I see. You probably have never seen such expensive boots, huh? Or is it that you're outraged that someone could afford to get something so pricy so filthy. Is that it?" Nothing from Jennie. She did look outraged, though. Maybe he had hit the spot. "Well, you know, if it's expensive, it's got quality, so you have to make sure you use it well and get the most out of it. But you probably don't know about that concept, because you've never had something of quality. But on the other hand-"

"Shut up, Malfoy," Jennie said through clenched teeth. Or maybe she was Minny. Sounded Weasley enough.

"Why should I?" Draco said. He didn't feel intimidated at all; he wasn't even surprised. He already knew Minny was a bit impertinent.

"You - I can't believe you're so cruel! No, I don't believe it, not even from you. I mean, how could someone possibly step on a worm, and not just any worm, a flabberworm, of all of them! How could one, without a bit of remorse? Not a..."

Remorse? Remorse?!? For killing a stupid worm? He could understand a serpent, even a dog - but a worm? And who cared if it was a flabberworm? It was still just a worm.

But when Draco tried to retort, Minny interrupted him with a "Shhh, you little cruel ignorant, before I lose my thread" and a particurarly threatening involuntary shot of sparks from her wand. Draco dared not move or speak. That Weasley girl looked scary and dangerous and incendiary (specially with the red hair). "Now where was I?!? Oh yeah! Surely even the Malfoys..."

He shut her out.

What was there that he could think about? Potter and Hagrid were always good topics to think about, but he didn't feel in the mood. In fact, he was tired of thinking about Potter and Hagrid. Those topics didn't even infuriate him like they used to. They were as dull as, well, as they ought to be - they were Potter and Hagrid, after all.

"Flabberworms are completely inoffensive, so why..."

He knew he had to plan something somewhere...

Oh, there was that ball they were supposed to attend. He'd take Pansy Parkinson, of course. She definitely was more than willling - too willing, in fact. If he didn't ask her, he'd probably break her heart, and she'd get him into trouble with his father, because his family was friends with her family. So the choice was obvious.

"...know that gushae can be used to thicken potions? But, no, they must use flabberworms..."

Besides, Pansy was appropiately stupid, so he could do anything without her minding. He could probably confess he had murdered fifteen people, and she'd only laugh. She always laughed at whatever he said, whether it was a joke or not. But as of late she was learning to differentiate between a joke and something serious. But that was only lately; he remembered this one time some months ago, in their third year...

"...can feel pain too, you know!"

"Oh Pansy, stop being such a troll," Draco said completely out of the blue.

Ginny stared at him.

He stared back.

"Wuh... Wa...?"

He was in for a big one, he knew it.

"Who are you calling 'troll'?!? And 'pansy'! That was completely uncalled for." Minny said angrily. No, that wasn't her name; it was Ginevra. He remembered thinking it was much too regal a name for a Weasley when it was called out in the Sorting ceremony, back in his second year.

"Troll, Pansy, Weasley... all the same thing. But," Draco added as sparks shot from Ginevra's wand, "I think you're right about the flabberworms. They really are abused." The Weasley was visibly shocked. "You've made me a convert."

"Really, Malfoy...?" said Ginny, her eyes wider by the word.

Draco nodded and said: "Yeah. And let's create the SPFW, shall we? For the Promotion of Flobberwormish Welfare." He then lifted his boot again and removed the flabberworm's corpse from the sole.

All the while, the Weasley girl seemed deep in thought. She looked happy; ecstatic, even - clearly she hadn't noted the sarcasm of Draco's statement.

Then she moved forward to give Draco a kiss; it was meant to be on the cheek, but she moved forward at the same time Draco finished removing the corpse from his sole and lifted his head - so she ended up kissing him in the lips.

Neither seemed to mind much.

Ginevra made a quick apology. "Oh, sorry, I didn't mean that. But that idea of yours was great, I love it, really do - I'll go in and ask Hermione how she did the badges and stuff. 'Bye." And off she went.

It was then that what had just happened dawned on Draco. He, of course, proceeded to spit on the ground and complain about how that was just gross - but inwardly he was coming to the conclusion that he would be the vicepresident of the society the Weasley was going to make, and therefore spend a lot of time with her for no real reason, as obviously the organization was destined for failure. Then she would become sad, and he would be the one that had to comfort her.

He found it hard to supress the smile that was beginning to form in his lips.


This was orginally made in response to a Challenge at Portkey. The requirements that had to be met were:
- Draco and Ginny must have an debate/argument over Flobberworms
- Draco must say "Oh Pansy, stop being such a troll."
- Someone must say "Oh and let's create the SPFW, shall we? Promotion of Flobberwormish Welfare."
- Sarcasm must be included.
- They must end up kissing
This doesn't exactly meet them, as you must've noticed.
matches with my layout :D

Valentine's Day, 1992

Not so long ago, in a place not as far away as you may think, many boys and girls learned about various magical arts in a merry school called Hogwarts. Among them were a mean young boy called Draco Malfoy and a sweet little girl by the name of Ginevra Molly Weasley, who went through much sorrow and insecurity in her first year - sorrow which, as peculiar as it may sound, was caused by an object, a little diary Ginny, as her loved ones called her, thought her father gave her.

Poor little Ginny, underestimating herself, genuinely believed her heart was prevented from breaking into many pieces thanks to a little hero named Harry James Potter, whom she loved dearly. One day, out of joy, for she had been able to release herself from the diary, she began to write quaint little rhymes exalting Harry Potter, wishing he could read them, yet dreading his reaction.


One Valentine's Day, Draco Malfoy was pacing around the Hogwarts castle with an expression on his face that suggested a deep state of boredom when he heard footsteps that where not his. He hid behind a statue, fearing that the footsteps might belong to a secret admirer of his, for at twelve years of age, he still found the prospect of becoming involved with a girl "gross".

He took a peek from behind the statue and saw how a lovely lass went past it, looking forward with utmost resolution, and walking at a very fast pace indeed. Draco, who had nothing to do, decided to find out what she was up to and followed her as silently as he could.

The girl came to a halt suddenly; her and Draco's bodies nearly knocked into each other, but she did not notice anything, and proceeded to draw a piece of parchment from her bag. Her head turned to the right and then to left, for she wanted to make sure no one could see her. Her heart hammering her chest, she made for two tall boxes which stood in a corner, but the nastiest voice her ears had ever heard prevented her from making a move.

"What's that you have there, Weasley?"

Ginny recognized the voice - it was the same one that made her speak in front of Harry back when she was too afraid to. Draco had insulted Harry, and Ginny in turn defended the object of her infatuation without much success - Draco just gave her a nasty look and exclaimed "Look, Potter! You've got yourself a girlfriend!"

"Nothing," responded Ginny firmly, turning to face him, and hiding the parchment behind her at the same time.

"Nothing?" echoed Draco. Suddenly his face lit up, and in his eyes a malicious glitter appeared. "Weasley - is that a Valentine-?"

"I told you, I have nothing."

"For Potter? Let me see it."

"No! That's... pri..."

But it was too late. Draco had taken the scented piece of parchment from her hands already and was reading it as if his very life depended on it. He kept staring at the parchment for a few seconds after he finished reading it, giving just enough time for Ginny's face to grow pink.

"His hair is as dark as a blackboard?" Draco quoted in a mocking tone.

Ginny's eyes were as wide as they could get, and her face was scarlet red, when she stuttered out, "Y-you don't t-think Ha... Harry will like it-t?"

And as Draco looked up from the short poem with an awful smile in his lips, he said, not very convincingly, "Oh no, no - the Boy With Pickled Toad Eyes won't like it, he will love it." And he walked toward the boxes, determined to have Harry read the little poem, savoring the reaction he would have. But Ginny was equally determined to have Harry not read her pathetic attempt at romantic verse, thus she did the first thing that came to her mind and flung herself over Draco, reaching out to take the parchment and beating him up rather feebly at the same time. At first, Draco was too scandalized at this display of raw barbarity to react, but he came to his senses within a few seconds, reached over one box and inserted the parchment into it.

Ginny eventually stopped her weak attacks; she read the sign adhered to the front of the box, a panicked look spreading accross her face -

Musical Valentines
All Valentines in this box
will be delivered to your Beloved
and sung by a Cupid right in the spot.

She turned around, ready to strike - but Draco was already gone, for it was time to head to class.

But that was not the only encounter between those two in that Valentine's Day - no - Ginny had the misfortune to witness how Harry desperately tried to get away from the surly Gnome dressed as Cupid, succeeding only in ripping open his bag, and so he had to stay and listen to the much dreaded Valentine -

His eyes are as green as a fresh pickled toad
His hair is as dark as a blackboard.
I wish he was mine, he's really divine,
The hero who conquered the Dark Lord.

Ginny could hear laughter from the students around them, but she was not paying attention, since something caught her eye - a diary. Her diary. Tom Riddle's diary. Ginny was in such a state of fright the only thing she could do was stare from Harry to the diary to Draco, who had gotten his hands on it, which was something of a relief, she thought - but Harry fought for it, and eventually he took posession of it, but not for long, because, Ginny unconsciously knew, the diary would posses him after a while.

To finish it off, Draco, who was furious about not being able to obtain what he thought was Harry's journal, said spitefully, "I don't think he liked it much, Weasley!"


Valentine's Day, 1992, would pass down in Ginny History as one of the most mortifying days of her life; yet, when she was only "Ginny" to a few select people, and "Ginevra" to everyone else, she would merely laugh at it, as if it were a pleasant childhood memory. And Draco would state, "But Potter having Riddle's diary was pretty serious," to which Ginevra would respond with a rather enigmatic and strangely mystical answer that would make Draco frown and say "That sounds deep. Isn't it time for the children to go to sleep?"

............................................The End.

This one of my earlier work (not that I have written that much). I have already published it on, but since I haven't updated this journal in along while, I decided I would post it here. Hope you enjoyed.