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Latin America
the journal
This is a writing journal.

When I made it, I had original fiction in mind. I told myself I'd only post like one or two fanfiction pieces, tops. But so far, all I've posted is fanfiction (predominantly Draco/Ginny)... no original fiction. Whatsoever. Because it hasn't been written. Well, except the first entry... maybe.

So, yeah. I have a "writing journal". If someone would have told me 5 10 years ago that someday I would fancy myself a writer, I would have laughed in that someone's face. Ergh.

Puff!Draco from potterpuffs.
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nut and the hp fandom
I love the Harry Potter series. I'm a total Potterholic. And as a Potterholic, I, of course, have my "shipping preferences"...

I suspected Ron and Hermione would end up together since book 3; knew it by book 4. I'm not too passionate about Ron/Hermione, though. Why be passionate about a pairing so likely? I figured I'd just wait 'till it happened in the books.

My One True Ship is the SS Fire & Ice, hands down, no contest. I love Draco/Ginny. What an awesome pairing. It's too bad we don't see them together much in the books; I bet they'd have excellent chemistry together.

I disliked Ginny in book; she seemed like a total Mary Sue. D/G owns so much, though, that I still ship it. And, really, most Draco ships are pretty good... even Draco/Pansy. I guess. The only other Draco pairing I've actually read fanfiction of is Draco/Hermione. My guilty-pleasure ship.

I used to hate Harry/Hermione with all my heart, but now that the HMS Pumpkin Pie has sunk, I kind of feel pity for it. Kind of. Enough to bump it down to second place on my "Most Hated Ships" list, anyway. Now the first place is occupied by the One True Way. I hate Remus/Sirius. With a passion. I feel the OTW is an insult to the friendship between these two. And, besides, "One True Way"? Talk about pretentious!

Shipping aside, my favorite character is Snape. I've always been a Snapefan. And I definitely think he's Dumbledore's man through and through... not because I'm a Snapefan, but because canon points toward it. And it'd be really disappointing if he turned out to be evil. Honestly.

The character I find most likeable is Lucius Malfoy. Yup. Even if he's a nasty git and everything. But really... he can't be too bad if he gave some genes to Draco. I like Draco. After Half-Blood Prince, I'm so proud of him ♥

nut and that other stuff
I like other stuff besides Harry Potter. Really. I do.

Like... I like Guns N' Roses. It's my favorite band. And I'm a total Axlite, too.

And, well... um. Okay.